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Located between Ploiesti and Brasov, at 45km from Brasov and 60km from Ploiesti in the middle of the country, at 890m above the sea! The village is surrounded by Ciucas mountains!

I tried to continue the family business, an business who start in 1915! Back then it was the only pension in this region! The pension was more like an complex, with restaurant, the butchery, the wine deposit, customers could change their horses, with rest one and of course rest rooms!

I saved what was worth saving, add a little comfort, like underfloor heating, central heating, bathrooms, parking space for cars, not horses and restore the old house! No plastic and inox, in this house; just solid wood!
My intention was to recreate the atmosphere, the mood, that customers must have been experience, back then! A huge beautiful garden, with nice, soft, old time music, beautiful flowers, nothing to remind you about the crazy world that we live in!
Of course, you have WI-FI and plasma tv in every room, but that’s it! Starting with the windows and finish with the furniture, everything is natural solid wood!

Beside this atmosphere I can arrange trips to the most beautiful places in this country (Romania)! I can show you the Apuseni mountains, the Maramures and Bucovina region, also the Danube Delta and the Transfagarasan highway! And to keep it, in accordance with the old places we gonna visit, why spoil the mood and not take an 42 years old American car! I can also show you places deep in the mountain, make a barbeque at nearly 2000m above the sea, admire the stars and enjoy the silence and the perfection of the nature! How we can do that? With an 4×4 old army jeep!! Just to keep it retro!

I also can offer airport, or railroad station pick up!

About the food. Well, I try to offer only the food I can provide! No 1 kg apple, no huge grapes, nothing that grow artificial! The vegetable are provide from my back yard, the cheese and meet came from an private farm from Maramures! No “E” on my table! Everything is prepare on the side, in front of you! Nothing hidden, from customers view!

Want shark fender? Can’t provide! Just authentic traditional Romanian food!
The only language spoke on this pension, is English!
If I miss something, I am open to suggestions! Nobody ever regret visiting me, least until now! Came like guests and leave like friends!

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